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The coronavirus (COVID-19) significantly impacts the global economy. This is the first large-scale public health crisis in recent memory and represents uncharted territory, for both citizens and businesses. 

This page provides information on potentially relevant legal questions and issues relating to the coronavirus outbreak. It presents our best analysis of the current situation. As the situation is evolving we will update this page. Please do not hesitate to email us or contact our specialists should you have any questions.

COVID-19 Trackers
Measures are being taken at the national and European levels to ensure the orderly functioning of the financial markets. These measures affect financial institutions and their ongoing regulatory requirements. We are continually updating our Financial Law: COVID-19 Tracker to take note of financial law developments affecting financial institutions as they unfold.

The European Commission and the Dutch government are continually assessing, adding to, or amending State Aid measures, as the situation evolves. Our State Aid: COVID-19 Trackers provide you with the latest updates on State Aid measures for the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium as soon as they become available.

The Netherlands

This is the information regarding coronavirus and Dutch law.


This is the information regarding coronavirus and Belgian law.


COVID-19 also impacts us a company. These are the measures we take as a firm.


If you are a member of the press and have a question about this subject, please contact Jan Hein Bax.

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