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We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which define global priorities and aspirations for 2030 to address economic, social and environmental challenges, as a starting point for actions under the five pillars of our CSR policy. We focus on SDGs 4, 5, 13 and 16. Through these actions and choices, we also have an impact on other SDGs. A selection is included in this overview. We are committed to reducing the potential negative impact of our choices and to increasing our potential positive impact in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

sustainable development goals

  • SDG 4 Access to education is a key element of our community involvement initiatives.
  • SDG 5 Our commitment to gender equality - and to equality in general - is reflected in the employment conditions for our people as well as in the pro bono work we do for our society and in our community involvement projects.
  • SDG 7 Our Benelux Energy & Natural Resources Team is actively involved in the energy transition, both through work for our clients as well as through pro bono work for our society.
  • SDG 8 Decent working conditions are part of our ESG due diligence questionnaire for our clients.
  • SDG 13 We are committed to making our operations more sustainable. The climate is a focus of both our client work and our pro bono work for society at large.
  • SDG 16 As a law firm, contributing to access to justice for all is at the heart of the pro bono work we do for our society.
  • SDG 17 We forge partnerships in order to better our society and contribute to our community.

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