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  • We publish a Sustainability & CSR report in line with our ambition to be transparent about our goals and performance.
  • We work towards a CSRDcompliant report in 2026 (for the year 2025), including a stakeholder consultation.

Our clients

  • We are committed to and promote ESG awareness and compliance in our work for clients.
  • Our Sustainable Business & Climate Change team plays a leading role in further developing our ESG strategy.

Our people

  • We set targets for gender diversity and cultural diversity.
    - We have a roughly 50f/50m talent pipeline.
    - We have a safe and inclusive workplace.
    - We will carry out a zero measurement regarding the cultural diversity of our workforce.
  • We further professionalise our I&D policy.
    - We refine our strategy and roadmap (including action plan) together with our I&D specialist.
  • CSR is part of (1) our training and development programme and (2) our fringe benefits.
  • We create clarity regarding career paths and provide guidance along the way.
    - We value CSR work in assessments.
    - We invest in the development of our people (including training on leadership, behaviour and inclusiveness and feedback trainings).
    - We take the specific needs of our female talent and young parents into account.
  • We invest in the well-being of our people, including through our flexible working policy.
  • We measure employee engagement and company pride.

Our operations

  • We reduce the carbon emissions from our own operations.
    - We aim for ‘net zero’ by 2050.
    - We aim for a 55% reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 (intermediary target).
    - We balance remaining emissions with offsets.
    - We formulate a concrete action plan. Actions are prioritised based on their carbon reduction impact.
  • We adopt and implement a sustainable procurement policy.

Our society

  • We will increase the number of participants (legal professionals and business support professionals) in the Impact Programme in 2023.
    - We will raise awareness through a firm-wide communication campaign.
    - We aim for a total of 3,000 Impact Hours (compared to 2,060 hours in 2022).
    - 20% of the legal professionals are involved in pro bono work (compared to 12.5% in 2022).
    - 25% of colleagues use at least one Impact Day.

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