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In an ESG Audit, we map the relevant ESG regulations, governance requirements and case law (including future regulation such as the CSDDD and soft law), set out how and when ESG regulation applies to the business and provide guidance on the compliance and litigation risks relating to the applicable ESG regulation. An extensive ESG Audit can encompass contracting, governance, litigation and reporting aspects. We will tailor the scope the ESG Audit to the needs and priorities of the individual client.

This is what we offer our clients:

  • Sustainability governance review – this includes a review of corporate documents, interviews with key function holders (board members and ESG specialists), review of your company’s disclosures and other relevant documentation.We will draft a report that identifies important risks and provides recommendations to improve your ESG governance.
  • An ESG related gap analysis on corporate reporting (CSRD, Annual Report and Code Corporate Governance).
  • Review and assistance with the drafting of mandatory and voluntary disclosures with an ESG angle.
  • Review of allocation of risk and responsibility regarding ESG issues in contracts.

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