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Every company and every entrepreneur has to deal with indirect taxes. Given the significant obligations entailed by these taxes – such as VAT, for example – and the substantial costs involved if you make a mistake, it is crucial for you to have everything in order when it is your turn to deal with indirect taxes.

This will keep the VAT burden within your organisation from getting out of hand, as well as ensure that the invoices you issue are correct and that VAT is deducted in accordance with the relevant laws and policies. Adequate scheduling of your VAT accounting can also improve your organisation’s cash flow. Finally, keeping your indirect taxes in order will serve you well if you ever find yourself facing a tax audit. NautaDutilh’s indirect tax specialists would be please to help you take stock of your VAT position. We do this work in close cooperation with other experts in our full-service firm, such as civil-law notaries and experts in the field of leasing and finance. That way, we ensure that our tax solutions are tailored to your organisation as a whole. 
We can also serve you in the fields of real estate, compliance, and international commerce. The sooner we begin assisting you, the sooner you can optimise your organisation from a tax perspective. Should you also have VAT-related questions regarding the holding of shares or the provision of financing, care, or education services, or if you are in the midst of a dispute with the tax authorities, our specialists can assist you every step of the way. And if you are curious about whether your VAT accounting complies with current standards, we can perform a quick scan to identify areas that may need improvement. 
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