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  • 01-02-2017

It was with that bit of wisdom that Veerle and Yechentry, JINC’s 'Leaders of Tomorrow', concluded their presentation on how NautaDutilh can further improve cooperation. They received a warm round of applause from their audience.

Veerle and Yechentry (both aged 11) were the bosses for the day at NautaDutilh on Thursday 26 January. We asked them advise on how we can work even better together. They decided to make a mind map and a mood board about the topic. They hadn’t just listened carefully to our colleagues; they also had clear ideas about things that are important for effective cooperation: stay friendly, listen to each other, let other people have their say, and above all: being important isn’t really necessary; it's being necessary that’s important. They considered that final bit of advice to be especially important in contacts with clients.

By working with JINC’s Leaders of Tomorrow programme, NautaDutilh helps children growing up in distressed socio-economic circumstances to see how a firm operates and to establish valuable contacts that will benefit them throughout their lives. ”We have been supporting JINC from the start and wholeheartedly continue supporting them, says Erik. It is by no means a given that the talented leaders of tomorrow are all getting a good start in life. “The children’s enthusiasm is incredibly inspiring. These are talented pupils who just need a little support, and we are more than happy to give that to them.”

Please watch the video.

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