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  • Corporate news
  • 07-09-2016

Harald Wiersema examined 51 legal proceedings regarding rejected SDE+ subsidy applications and noted that, surprisingly often, applicants have been careless in their work.

Energeia spoke to Harald about the impression that is developing based on the cases, namely that applicants apparently believe the application procedure is less formal than it really is.

The next slices of the SDE+ pie will be cut in September. Particularly in light of the fact that there will be more applicants than funds, completing the application carefully will be a must. The difference from the arts sector, for example, is striking. That sector is heavily involved with subsidies, but the applicants are far less often rejected based on a careless application, according to Harald Wiersema.

Energeia is part of FD Mediagroep and publisher of digital information for the energy sector.

The article is available in Dutch to those with a log-in on Energeia's website.

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