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  • 08-04-2015

Agefi Luxembourg offers a monthly forum to Vincent Wellens, IP/ICT partner, on the topic of new technologies law.

Every month, the forum will cover recent news and developments regarding new technologies law at a Luxembourg and European level.

The first article (in French), published on Friday June 13th 2014, deals with digital data of the employee and the employer in the context of the employment relationship and the question of how far one can access the data managed by the other.

The second article (in French), published on 10 July 2014, covers the Luxembourg legal framework as well as European Union initiatives regarding the notification of personal data breach following the revelation of eBay's cyber-attack in May 2014.

The third article (in French), published on 10 October 2014, presents the new EU framework and some of the trusted services developed by the new European Regulation on electronic identification as well as the impact of the Regulation in Luxembourg.

The fourth article (in French), published on Friday November 14th 2014, addresses the multitude of legal questions, primarily in terms of privacy and data protection, arising from the massive appearance of smart and connected objects (Internet of Things).

The fifth article (in French), of 12 December 2014, reviews the technical and legal risks that may result from the Bring Your Own Device model (the fact that an employee uses his own IT equipment for business purposes), and some best practices to minimize those risks. 

The sixth article (in French), of 15 January 2015, addresses the risks posed by the use of cloud services especially regarding personal data protection, and presents both national and international initiatives to increase legal security.

The seventh article (in French), published on 13 February 2015, details the Luxembourg draft law on data retention filed following the cancellation of Directive 2006/24/CE on data retention.

The eighth article (in French), published on 12 March 2015, provides an overview of national as well as European initiatives aiming at an increased legal protection of business secrets.

The ninth article (in French) of 8 April 2015 and first part of a special feature intended to guide companies throughout the outsourcing of the IT function, is dedicated to choosing a trusted IT services provider.

The tenth article (in French) of 12 May 2015 and second part of a special feature intended to guide companies throughout the outsourcing of the IT function, refers to important aspects and risks to be taken into consideration while negotiating and editing IT contract with a services provider.

The eleventh article (in French) of 11 June 2015 is the third part of a special feature intended to guide companies throughout the outsourcing of the IT function, and deals with the performance and the exit of the contract concluded with the IT services provider.

The twelfh article (in French) of July/August 2015 describes the law on the probative value of electronic copies of documents, adopted on 2 July 2015 by the Luxembourg Parliament. This comprehensive legal framework allows to dematerialise documents (principally contracts and any pieces that support the entries in the accounting systems) and to store them electronically without loss of their probative value. Luxembourg is one of the first countries in the European Union having adopted such a legislation.

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