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  • 22-10-2018

The European Commission adopted a proposal for a Pan-European Pension Product Regulation (PEPPR) on 29 June 2017. Alongside the proposal, it published a recommendation on the tax treatment of personal pension products (PPPs), including Pan-European Pension Products (PEPP) (PEPP Tax Recommendation).

This article, written by Investment Funds Associate, Sebastiaan Hooghiemstra, discusses the effectiveness of the PEPP Tax Recommendation and the accompanying PEPP “portability service”. It provides an overview of certain anticipated problems in relation to the future taxation of PEPPs in Europe that led to this initiative, followed by an analysis of the effectiveness of the Recommendation and PEPP “portability service” in eradicating such problems. Finally, it reviews options for an alternative EU-wide PEPP tax regime.

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Source: IBFD European Taxation - October 2018

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