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  • 10-11-2015

Yesterday, Monique van Dijken Eeuwijk, chair of our Benelux Sector Team Professional Services Firms, spoke at a meeting for a select group of  supervisory board members organised by Hemingway Professional Governance.

She gave a presentation together with Pieter Jongstra, the current chair of the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA). 'Gaining trust means first having to be trusted'. This is the opening sentence in the report ‘In het Publiek Belang’ ('In the Public Interest') that was compiled last year by the Working Group for the Future of the Accountancy Profession. 

'Trust is the product sold…' by the CFO, the Supervisory Board, by the Accountant; the Triangle. Consequently, Monique not only  focussed on the statutory framework regarding governance, but also adressed the fact that nowadays 'perception is reality' and how this should be taken into consideration by all parties in the Triangle. In her view, nowadays,  it is not just about the changing role of the accountant, but also about the changing role of the CFO and  the supervisory board. Monique believes that acknowledging the value of the stakeholder dialogue, self-reflection and vulnerability are vital aspects in further shaping and fulfilling these changing roles.

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