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  • 28-06-2019

Jens Mosselmans & Stef Feyen have relied on their experience in working with public procurement organized by the European Institutions to draft a lengthy article regarding procurement by these institutions.

In particular, Jens and Stef have researched which different legal instruments are used in the context, and whether European Institutions, when procuring goods, services or works, can be or are more strict vis-à-vis potential participants or subscribers. They conclude that especially when it comes to selecting economic operators on the market for participation to a tender, the arsenal at the disposal of the European Institutions is rather extended. In practice, however, the Institutions in general will thread carefully to react in a measured way, especially when confronted with economic operators aware of their rights and the principles at hand.

C. De Koninck e.a., Jaarboek Overheidsopdrachten / Chronique des marchés publics, Jette, EBP, 2019, 467-522

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