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  • 28-01-2016

Today,Merouan Chourak and Emirhan Ay will be taking over the duties of our Chairman of the Board, Erik Geerling, for the entire day. As part of the ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ programme, an initiative of JINC, children growing up in distressed socio-economic circumstances have a chance to find out what it is like to be leaders and establish contacts that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Erik will be receiving the Leaders of Tomorrow at the Rotterdam office. They will be attending a meeting, speaking with employees, joining in a brainstorming session, and sharing their views on ‘how we at NautaDutilh can keep fit’. ‘This day is part of a fantastic initiative of JINC’ according to Erik. It is by no means a given that the talented leaders of tomorrow are all getting a good start in life. ‘We want to draw attention to that fact and are making efforts – and not just today – to help JINC help young people become oriented towards the labour market. These pupils’ energy, thirst for knowledge, and especially creativity are always inspirational.’

Today, hundred children from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Kennemerland, and The Hague will have the opportunity to spend an entire day getting to experience what it is like to stand at the helm as the actual leader of a successful company. The children will be leading some of the top companies in the Netherlands today, including: ABN AMRO,, Albert Heijn, Philips, Hilton, NautaDutilh, the Dutch public television broadcaster NPO, and many others.

Daniël Roos, Director of JINC: “As part of JINC’s Leader of Tomorrow programme, hundreds of children get a chance to see what it’s like to be the boss. They can see how a company operates from the inside out. It’s a kind of ‘super-fast lightning internship’ that shows the top executives in the Netherlands just how important it is to invest now in tomorrow’s talent.’’ More than 600,000 children in the Netherlands are growing up in a distressed socio-economic environment. They have all the dreams and ability they need, but no chance to build a valuable network and acquire the right skills and knowledge of potential professions. Together with the Dutch business community and educators, JINC gives these children a chance for a better future.

Advocatie published a news item on this day (available in Dutch).   

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