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  • 26-01-2017

Primary school pupils Veerle and Yechentry will be taking over the duties of our Chairman of the Board, Erik Geerling, for one day. As we did last year, NautaDutilh will also be participating in the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ programme, an initiative of JINC. As ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’, children growing up in distressed socio-economic circumstances find out what it is like to be leaders and establish valuable contacts that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Erik will be receiving the Leaders of Tomorrow at the Rotterdam office. Veerle and Yechetry have already let us know that they are chock full of questions about exactly what a lawyer does and what a civil-law notary really is, as well as whether they enjoy their work and how they dress to come to the office. Erik will answer all these questions the best he can! Just as last year, we are asking these Leaders of Tomorrow for advice. This year, we would like Veerle and Yechentry to share their ideas about how we at NautaDutilh can work even better together. The children will attend a meeting, join in a brainstorming session, and speak with employees. ”We have been supporting JINC from the start and wholeheartedly continue supporting them, says Erik. It is by no means a given that the talented leaders of tomorrow are all getting a good start in life. “The children’s enthusiasm is incredibly inspiring. These are talented pupils who just need a little support, and we are more than happy to give that to them.”

JINC believes that every child has talent, including the more than 600,000 children in the Netherlands who are growing up in distressed socio-economic circumstances. Together with the Dutch business community and educators, JINC gives these children a chance for a better future. Daniël Roos, Director of JINC:  “Putting a child in the boss’ chair is kind of a ‘two-for-one special’, as it were: fresh ideas for a company and an unforgettable experience for a child. It offers a child the chance to broaden his or her horizons.”

As part of JINC’s Leader of Tomorrow programme, 100 children from diverse backgrounds throughout the country will get a chance to see what it’s like to be the boss. From the Chairman of the Board at Nauta Dutilh, to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, to the Director of Transavia, and the big bosses at Albert Heijn, De Volkskrant, Philips, Madurodam, and Capgemini. The children will get to see how a company operates from the inside out. They will get to serve a kind of ‘super-fast lightning internship’ that shows the top executives in the Netherlands just how important it is to invest now in tomorrow’s talent.

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