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  • Corporate news
  • 27-10-2016

If the Netherlands are serious about playing a role in the field of energy storage, current laws and regulations should be amended to remove a few dozen obstacles. That is one of the main conclusions of the National Action Plan Energy Storage (Nationaal Actieplan Energieopslag), to which NautaDutilh colleague Harald Wiersema contributed. The National Action Plan was presented to Dutch politician Stientje van Veldhoven by the Dutch stakeholders' platform Energy Storage NL on 24 October 2016 in The Hague.

Energy storage is a key technology necessary to make the Dutch energy market more sustainable, reliable and affordable. The technology is sustainable as it prevents unnecessary interruptions of renewable energy generation, reliable because it can bridge differences in demand and supply and affordable because it dampens price spikes. Energy storage is showing rapid growth worldwide as a result of the growth of the share of renewable energy. Market leaders such as the US, Australia, China and Germany are showing double digit growth and are developing new industries and services related to storage of electricity.

At this point, opportunities for innovative, green and sustainable business are wasted, causing the Dutch technology industry to fall behind in this global growth market. Research, development and a better design of the energy market may also help to fully unlock the potential of energy storage. The National Action Plan Energy Storage provides an overview of obstacles in the current market and offers solutions to accelerate the development and deployment of energy storage.

Download the National Action Plan Energy Storage (available in Dutch).

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