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  • Corporate news
  • 02-11-2017

Monique's appointment was shared with WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) members last week during a WCD EMEA Institute event in Madrid where she was one of the speakers. In her speech Trust and Transparency Monique discussed how boards may show leadership in rebuilding broken trust and how the growing disconnect between societies` expectations and companies' and institutions' strategic promises can be mitigated.

Steps that are of the utmost importance according to Monique because "Value is about more than money. Caring about society and societal interests is a responsibility just as the creation of long term value for stakeholders is a necessity and transparency key in narrowing the disconnect. The sooner this sinks in, the sooner we can start working on rebuilding that broken trust. Being granted the honor of serving as co-chair means I can give this topic a more prominent spot on our agenda. Because who am I, who are we not to care. Our responsibility in an increasingly unstable world: a new Social Contract."

WCD is the world’s largest membership organisation and community of women corporate board directors. Through events and publications about the latest news and trends in business and governance, WCD inspires and educates board leaders and raises the bar for board service in public and large private companies globally. With 80 chapters around the world, WCD members serve on thousands of boards across six continents.

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