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  • 03-04-2014

Today, Het Financieele Dagblad published a front-page article featuring Monique van Dijken-Eeuwijk. In an interview with Jeroen Piersma, Monique spoke about the use of big data by accountants. There are particular dynamics involved in this because accountants are not only subject to privacy legislation but also to supervisory law, in which confidentiality and independence play a major part.

'Big data provides opportunities, and certainly so for accountants,’ says Monique. ‘But they must take a cautious approach. You cannot share very specific information about your clients, either within your own organisation or outside it’.

Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the regulation supervising the division of auditing and advice by accountancy firms and it is expected that a regulation will be adopted with regard to protection of privacy at the end of the year. Dutch legislation will have to be brought in line with this. ‘Both regulations are important for accountancy firms,’ said Monique in the follow-up article on the front page of the second supplement. Big data enables you to make forecasts ‘such as the influence of current social developments on a company’s business model’. However, ‘there are limits to the extent to which accounts can use the knowledge that they acquire with big data’.

Monique van Dijken-Eeuwijk is chairwoman of the Benelux Industry Team Accountancy firms and is specialised in regulations and legislation for accountants and privacy legislation.

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