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  • 22-06-2015

PwC is holding a meeting especially for Supervisory Directors today, with the item at the top of the agenda being ‘The Relevance of Internal Supervision on Value Creation'. Monique, along with Robert van der Laan of PwC, will be speaking to the meeting about the 'Integrated Agenda' they have developed.

Using the Integrated Agenda, Supervisory Boards can structure and demonstrate their supervision in this changing era. This will help mitigate the 'disconnect' between a company’s strategic promises and society’s expectations of the company, also because of the intensifying external supervision to which Supervisory Boards are now subject.

Other speakers include Femke de Vries (Secretary - Director of the Dutch Central Bank 'DNB') and senior lecturer on Supervision at the University of Groningen) and Irene Asscher-Vonk (supervisory director at companies such as Rabobank, KLM, Arriva, and Philip Morris). 

PwC has scheduled this extra meeting for supervisory directors and regulators in response to the AFM survey of the critical capacity of audit committees in relation to the quality of their audits and reporting. This extra meeting is part of a series of meetings that PwC is organising especially for supervisory directors and regulators.

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