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  • 22-01-2014

21 January 2014 saw the start of the Nationaal Energiebespaarfonds (literally, National Energy Saving fund, NEF). The NEF has been set up to realise one of the objectives of the Woonakkoord 2013 (literally, Living Agreement).

The NEF, to which Rabobank, ASN and the Dutch government contribute, will provide low-interest loans to private home owners to allow them to take energy saving measures. The Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Volkshuisvesting Nederlandse gemeenten (literally, the Dutch municipalities Housing Stimulation Fund Foundation, SVn) is responsible for managing the fund.

Larissa Silverentand, Frans van der Eerden, Maurits Kolkman, Justine Sas, Michiel Verveld and Albert van der Kolk have assisted SVn in setting up the NEF.

Het Financieele Dagblad, the website of the Dutch government (in Dutch only) and the NOS (in Dutch only) mention the start up of the NEF.

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