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  • Corporate news
  • 15-12-2014

Entrepreneurs want their young businesses to grow, and they are often faced with difficult choices. Extra capital is one of the essential factors to achieve this growth. But what consequences can the injection of extra capital have for the company? What does the ownership structure of the company look like after a capital injection? What does the entry of one or more investors mean in practice?

In order to map these different situations and their consequences, NautaDutilh has developed a tool for owners of start-ups and growth companies to calculate the so-called dilution. The Anti-Dilution Calculator shows the number of shares the owner loses as a result of options, warrants or the conversion of bonds into shares, or in case of a capital injection. This enables the owner to make well-considered choices in the interest of the growth of his business.

The calculator requires the input of data, such as the status of the company before and after the financing round. The Anti-Dilution Calculator automatically calculates what the practical consequences are for the founder.

The tool is made available on, an informative starting point for starters and  innovative growth companies. By consulting an extensive Q&A section, visitors are able to find information concerning various business aspects, ranging from marketing to IT. NautaDutilh takes care of the legal aspects. The platform is now acquiring an interesting addition with the calculator and a glossary of legal and business terms.

The glossary is intended to familiarise  entrepreneurs with the most important key terms and definitions used in business documents.

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