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  • 21-08-2014

The recently published book 'Wet & Geschiedenis Wet Clawback' is edited by Geert Raaijmakers and Ebbo Haantjes. In the publication, the realisation of the Clawback law is explained per section of the law. The parliamentary discussions that led to the realisation of the bill are also described. The publication is a reference book for academics, but also for people who use the Clawback law in practice, such as lawyers and judges.     

On January 1st 2014, the Clawback law came into effect. The goal of this law is to allow companies - not only financial institutions, but all plc's- to adapt or reclaim excessive bonuses. It includes the obligation to pull in the increased value of shares and options owned by managers and trading partnerships in take-overs.

The books in the series 'Wet & Geschiedenis' (Law and History) are published in Dutch by Boom Juridische Uitgevers and include:

  • Wet Clawback book
  • Wet Bestuur en Toezicht
  • Aanpassing Enquêterecht
  • Flex-B.V. 

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