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  • Corporate news
  • 03-02-2015

In the article 'Obama perkt met fiscale voorstellen rol van Nederland in' ('Obama restricts role Netherlands with tax proposals') Ruud Smits speaks about the impact of the proposal on reformation of the tax system in America.

The proposal makes it less interesting for American companies to keep their profit in foreign countries. 'With that, one of the reasons for using the Netherlands could possibly disappear' says Ruud. One of the proposals is to reduce the high standard tax rate from 35 to 28%. About that, Ruud says that at the same time 'many loopholes will be closed'. Some therefore say that it is about a tax increase instead of a decrease. But 'this is a wish list. The Congress decides on the budget, not the President'.

Read the complete article on (only available in Dutch, account on FD necessary).

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