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  • Corporate news
  • 26-02-2016

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (AMR) is one of the top five economically robust regions in Europe. To maintain and strengthen that international competitive position, a spatial and economic agenda has been drawn up.

In order to ensure that the agenda does not contain blind spots, is sufficiently focused and reflects the analyses, it has been discussed with key figures from the business community and knowledge institutions.

As part of that process, Anne-Marie Klijn and Tara Veenendaal recently held discussions with Michiel Bassant, senior strategy advisor to the Municipality of Amsterdam. From a spatial point of view, Anne-Marie and Tara assessed the AMR agenda and made detailed suggestions. The AMR agenda is now a fact and contains spatial and economic actions that the AMR will be implementing in the next four to ten years. In 2020, the agenda will be reviewed on the basis of evaluations.

About AMR
The AMR is an informal cooperative venture between 32 municipalities, the provinces of  Noord-Holland and Flevoland and the Amsterdam Urban Region and extends from IJmuiden to Lelystad and from Purmerend to Haarlemmermeer. The AMR partners are working to bring about a powerful economy, rapid links and sufficient space for living, working and leisure. The combination of forces must also ensure better coordination, quicker decisions and greater influence on central government in The Hague. You can find more information at:

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