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  • 19-12-2019

You may have recently read that the Dutch UBO register will be introduced on 10 January 2020. However, that deadline will not be met. We expect that the UBO register will become operational later in Q1 2020.

On 10 December 2019, the Lower House of Parliament adopted a bill for the introduction of the UBO register. That bill has been submitted to the Upper House. The Finance Committee of the Upper House will conduct a so-called preparatory investigation into the introduction of the bill on 28 January 2020. This investigation is the first phase of the written preparation by that committee. Committee members can make written contributions with regard to the bill. A provisional report will be made of this, to which the Minister will respond in writing. If the committee members have no contribution with regard to the bill, the Upper House can proceed to a vote fairly quickly. It is currently unclear when this will take place exactly, but our current expectation is that the UBO register will become operational in the course of Q1 2020. We will of course keep you posted on further developments.

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