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  • 31-07-2017

STINAPA Junior Rangers Explore is a television series that features Bonaire’s junior rangers researching nature. In the first episode, which focuses on the growing threats that sharks face, the junior rangers talk to several experts to discover why sharks are needed to keep our ocean ecosystems healthy. Berend is interviewed on what can be done to protect sharks from a legal perspective and - more in general - to raise public awareness on ecocide. "I`m really proud to work together with STINAPA and World Wildlife Fund on this project to make everyone - individual or society as a whole - aware of the limited regenerative capacity of the earth and the effects of (over)consumption," Berend says.

Together with Anne-Marie Klijn, he has advised the World Wildlife Fund, The Bonaire National Parks Foundation (STINAPA) and Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire.

Berend's interview starts at 06:29.

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