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  • 25-05-2016

Today the book Islamitisch financieren by NautaDutilh associate Sharif Soliman will be published. In his book Soliman examines the legal opportunities in the Netherlands to finance companies and consumers on Islamic principles.

He focuses primarily on civil law and financial supervision law, and the most common methods of financing such as musharaka, murabaha and ijara.

Islamic finance is currently the fastest growing segment within the international financial sector, according to an article published this week in the Dutch newspaper The value of this young industry in twenty years grown from USD 150 billion to USD 2.1 trillion. In recent years this sector is growing with each year more than 17 percent.

"I describe Islamic law, sources of law and finding of law," Soliman says. "I then discuss the legal structure of the most widely used Islamic financing methods and how they are dealt with in practice. After that I will explain in what way Islamic financing methods can be constructed under Dutch law. Finally, I will discuss the differences between conventional financial institutions and Islamic financial institutions: leading to concerns in the area of market entry, business operations, capital adequacy and provision of information. "

The book Islamitisch financieren. Civielrechtelijke en toezichtrechtelijke mogelijkheden in Nederland is published by Celsus juridische uitgeverij.

The article in NRC can be read here (available in Dutch).

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