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NautaDutilh has launched a Product-as-a-Service Legal Help Desk (PaaS Legal Desk), to advise circular entrepreneurs with a PaaS business model on their contracts with clients.

Our PaaS Legal Desk offers a ready-made PaaS contract, which can be tailored to the specificities of a circular entrepreneur’s PaaS business model. We are offering this service in cooperation with the PaaS desk of ABN AMRO. PaaS entrepreneurs with a financing application with the bank can contact our PaaS Legal Desk for advice on their contracts. This cooperation is a pilot programme with an initial term of six months.

Why a help desk?
Entrepreneurs with a circular business model often find it difficult to conclude sound contracts with their customers. Indeed, traditional purchase, lease and rental agreements tend to be inappropriate for PaaS. Thus, in practice, agreements between PaaS entrepreneurs and their customers can be of poor legal quality. This gives rise to risks which banks, in this case ABN AMRO, take into account when deciding whether to grant financing.

Our PaaS Legal Desk provides assistance to PaaS entrepreneurs that wish to have their PaaS contracts reviewed or to draw up new contracts. This may involve B2B and B2C models, for both movable and immovable assets. Both established (PaaS) entrepreneurs and start-ups can come to us for advice.

Our PaaS Legal Desk reviews standard contracts concluded between PaaS entrepreneurs and their customers and advises on whether the documentation sufficiently covers the legal risks in the areas, amongst others, of ownership, protection of personal data, warranties, damages, and repair and return obligations. The entrepreneur receives a tailor-made contract or customised contractual provisions which meet the financing requirements of ABN AMRO. NautaDutilh offers this service at a fixed, reduced rate. 

We see that more and more entrepreneurs are opting for a circular business model, to which their contracts are not adapted.
Contract law partner and head of PaaS Legal Desk

Sjoerd Meijer, contract law partner and head of our PaaS Legal Desk says: “We see that more and more entrepreneurs are opting for a circular business model, to which their contracts are not adapted. This causes unnecessary red tape for entrepreneurs that wish to do good while doing business. By means of this help desk, we hope to remove some of these obstacles so that these entrepreneurs can focus on what really matters”.

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