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Our Sustainable Business & Climate Change team led by Harm Kerstholt has been inducted in Legal 500's Global Green Guide.

"The firm sees everyday client counsel as a key space in which it can make a difference, regularly advising clients on relevant ESG developments, such as green bond issuances and liability risk analysis related to climate change", according to the Green Guide.

About Harm, the guide says: "Kerstholt has become a go-to lawyer for oil and gas companies seeking to transition." Supreme court litigator Freerk Vermeulens pioneering work is also highlighted: "Freerk Vermeulen, partner of the firm’s litigation and arbitration department and head of the Supreme Court litigation team, is highly active in climate change litigation." More information can be found here. 

The Legal 500's Global Green Guide is the first worldwide guide to the top law firms advising on issues around climate change, governance, and sustainability, with the editorial picking out the leading practices and individuals in each jurisdiction, recognising a firm's contribution to 'Green Change' and ESG.  The guide sees The Legal 500 go around the world and put a global perspective on law firms that are key players in this field, i.e. firms that are in one way or another contributing to a 'green transition'.

The Legal 500’s editorial team have been examining law firms' case work (e.g., representing clients in litigation and transactions seeking to mitigate climate change, or regulatory advice) and their own sustainability initiatives.

Responsible business conduct has firmly established itself as a top priority for boards and management.
Partner Harm Kerstholt

"Responsible business conduct has firmly established itself as a top priority for boards and management. In the past years, we have worked with clients to identify the ESG risks and opportunities, developing the future-proof solutions required for the complex and inter-connected challenges of responsible business conduct. It is therefore a truly fantastic encouragement that our clients recognise us as one of the top firms in the world in the field of climate change, governance and sustainability", says Harm.

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