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The right to equal treatment in the workplace is becoming increasingly important.

Standards for equal treatment in the workplace are laid down in international and national regulations. For example, employers cannot discriminate between men and women when it comes to wages. Not just the basic salary, but also any additional premiums and benefits. Sex discrimination by employers in recruitment and selection, entering into or terminating employment agreements, providing study facilities, granting distributions and benefits, or in the context of their promotions policy is also prohibited.

Furthermore, the law prohibits employers from discriminating between employees based on age or type or employment agreement (for a limited or an indefinite period of time). Age discrimination is a hot topic, among other things in the discussion about early retirement, granting age-related holidays, and including specific measures for older employees in redundancy plans.

Our Employment & Pensions team has wide experience in the field of non-discrimination, in particular when it comes to drawing up redundancy plans and business policies, and dispute resolution.

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