Corporate / M&A

Market developments, globalisation and changing laws and regulations constantly force companies to make strategic decisions, adjust the way they do business, or review their corporate structure.

These are often decisions that rely on legal expertise. This may involve supervising mergers and acquisitions, structuring joint ventures, setting up companies, or advising on corporate governance. It is often about complex structures – particularly in international cases. The quality of the decision making process in each instance relies on access to broad knowledge, insight and experience, combined with a solution-based approach.

A thorough knowledge of clients and sectors
NautaDutilh's corporate group provides this knowledge, insight and experience. NautaDutilh is responsible for a large number of corporate law innovations. NautaDutilh works in specialised, cross-firm sector teams enabling us to have a thorough knowledge of clients and the environments in which they operate.

Knowledge, insight and experience at the highest level
Collaboration with other disciplines is essential in setting up finance structures, assessing competition, analysing litigation risks, advising on tax matters, intellectual property or employment law. In each of these areas, NautaDutilh has access to knowledge, insight and experience at the highest level.

Fast, efficient and pragmatic
We're strong in tailor-made solutions. At the same time, we are pragmatic and we don't make matters any more complicated than they are. We add value in cases that are complex, and those that are less complex. And we do this through speed, efficiency and a pragmatic, cost-saving approach. Our size, experience and broad range of legal support services enable very efficient management of transactions.

Top tier ranking and celebrated cases
Our corporate law group's reputation and ability to innovate have been demonstrated in cases such as the acquisition of ABN AMRO, the acquisition of Crucell by Johnson & Johnson, and the participation of Intel in ASML. Since 2008, we have been ranked in the first tier.