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Growing a business is a complex process in which many factors come into play. Some of the value created when starting the company can easily be wiped out during subsequent investment rounds if legal issues have been neglected. It is therefore important to be adequately prepared and reflect on how every decision can impact your company's future. NautaDutilh has created Kreskado, a specialised platform for innovative growth companies to make sure employee benefits plans, non-disclosure and licensing agreements, general conditions, IP portfolios, and corporate records and factsheets are all expertly prepared and drafted in order to avoid possible confusion and strengthen your legal position.

Based on our experience, we know that it's not always clear how your law firm can play a role and assist you with these aspects. That's why NautaDutilh has developed a specialised approach with a dedicated team. To help you, an innovative growth company, deal with the issues you face so that you can focus on growing your business, secure in the knowledge that other aspects are being taken care of by skilled professionals. 

Kreskado is the Esperanto word for growth and perfectly encapsulates the platform's aim: to provide assistance and advice to young, innovative companies and accompany them as they grow. On this platform, you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. With the help of selected clients (CEOs of growth companies, investors and business consultants), we have created an extensive Q&A in which we provide answers to over 30 questions. We are sure you will find it helpful. Indeed, according to Annie Van Broekhoven, the CEO of Q-Biologicals, 
"it would have been very helpful to have had this Q&A when setting up the company."

But that's not all. In our contacts and conversations with decision-makers at growth companies, investors and business consultants, as well as in our survey of technology transfer offices and our regular dealings with patent agents and other intermediaries, we detected a significant need for high-quality standard legal templates, with clear explanations and, where appropriate, checklists and additional explanatory memoranda. To answer this need, NautaDutilh has created, YICLaw, a dedicated portal, where growth companies can find all relevant information and documentation. In a password-protected area, clients can find and work on their own NautaDutilh templates. Contact to learn more about our special packages. 

A match made in heaven?
Under this title, NautaDutilh surveyed the expectations of the technology transfer offices (TTOs) of all Belgian universities, as well as Qbic and VIB. The findings were summarised in our report Belgian TTOs and Their Spin-offs, which provided fresh insight into the success factors and necessary support for spin-offs. We compared the findings against our own experience working with growth companies and found that they are very much aligned. The reference to a "match made in heaven" should thus be construed as referring not only to the relationship between Belgian TTOs and their spin-offs but also between TTOs, spin-offs and growth companies, on the one hand, and NautaDutilh, on the other.

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