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Client portal NDCentral, adaptive by design

Society is growing more complex by the day. We are seeing the rapid rise of numerous new technologies. In addition, there are laws and regulations to abide by, regulatory bodies that impose extra demands, and a critical public. As a result, both we and our clients find ourselves struggling every day with logical questions, such as ‘How do we maintain control and oversight in this dynamic environment?’ and ‘How do we ensure that the right solution today is also the right solution tomorrow?’

Our answer to these questions is NDCentral, a secure, virtual project environment that combines document management, work flow and process monitoring in real time. The design of this online portal adapts to the specific challenges of each case and to our client’s wishes. Combined with the portal’s building blocks, NautaDutilh’s own best practices and, of course, our legal expertise, it offers us a flexible and therefore futureproof solution.

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We discuss what we need for each client, case or project. We subsequently use the building blocks to design the solution, and then we can get started. In keeping with the philosophy underpinning NDCentral – adaptive by design – we can adapt every component whenever we want or need to, without interrupting our work.
The NDCentral dashboard gives us direct access to all the relevant documentation, such as case files with audit trails and version management. We can also see at a glance who the stakeholders are in each case or project, as well as its current status, its history, and the next steps. In addition, all those who have access to the portal have a personal dashboard where they can view their own document status and action lists. 

Adaptive Thinking

Combining NDCentral with the mental agility and technological skills of our staff makes it possible for us to respond rapidly to ever-changing working circumstances and trends. At NautaDutilh, we call this ‘Adaptive Thinking’. It has been inherent to our way of working since our beginnings in 1724, and it has allowed us to transform challenges into opportunities ever since.

One of the biggest drivers of our success is our ability to remain relevant to our clients. We do that by offering them outstanding legal advice, of course, but also by continuously improving the way in which our advice reaches them. For example, we regularly discuss their wishes and needs with them and adapt our services accordingly. In short, with NDCentral we are taking the next logical step in a tradition stretching back nearly 300 years.  

Let’s adapt together

Although working with online portals is a relatively new phenomenon, we have gained considerable experience in this area in recent years. We have set up 162 portals since 2016, for both internal projects and for clients. In 2018, 1,085 people made active use of NDCentral. That puts us at the cutting edge of a trend that is set to continue over the next few years, as this recent study shows. 
Are you interested in how you can use this trend for efficiency, control and ease at your organisation? Please get in touch with us through this e-mail address or contact Jantine de Jong.

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