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If your business processes personal data – and which business doesn’t given that even simple databases containing the names and addresses of employees, contact persons and the like fall under this definition – it must comply with the legislation on personal data protection and other regulatory requirements.

New technologies offer a world of possibilities. At the era of cloud computing, geolocation and behavioural advertising, privacy and data protection laws constitute a necessary constraint. This poses new challenges to businesses, be it make the most of these opportunities, whilst ensuring adequate compliance. Our Benelux Privacy & Data Protection team can assist you in this challenge. 

Global and multidisciplinary approach
We consider privacy and data protection as one of the aspects of our clients' global compliance policy. Not only do we provide efficient and to the point guidance to our clients, we also place our services in the broader context of general compliance at group level.

That is why a multidisciplinary approach is required to provide effective and efficient advice. Advising on the protection of personal data within banks cannot be done efficiently without a thorough understanding of applicable banking regulations. Likewise, monitoring of employees cannot be implemented without taking into account - beside privacy and data protection regulations - often complex employment rules.

Our team, based in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, makes it a priority to co-operate with specialists from various practice areas - as well as with law firms in other jurisdictions - so as to offer our clients a global approach, focused on the result. 

Market focus 
A strong market focus enables us to understand the markets on which our clients are active. Thanks to this focus, our advice is pro-active and strategic issues are considered for and/or together with the client. NautaDutilh's Privacy & Data Protection team has developed a particular knowledge of and regularly advises clients in the following industries:

  • Business to consumer
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • ICT
  • The entire spectrum of privacy and data protection advice

Our team members have extensive experience advising clients on the widest range of privacy and data protection issues, including privacy statements, structuring of international personal data transfers, whistle blowing policies, data protection provisions in contracts, general terms and conditions (including on websites), marketing, the monitoring of employees through new technologies, personnel and payroll administration, the processing of medical data, video surveillance, the recording of telephone calls, mandatory notifications to the data protection authorities - in short, all activities involving the processing of personal data. 

In addition to providing the highest level of expertise in the field of privacy and data protection law, we keep our clients abreast of the latest developments through in-house presentations, seminars, newsletters and/or other publications.

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