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Moving to a low carbon economy requires a broad expertise. From energy law and regulatory topics such as EU ETS, health & safety requirements, and environmental regulations to real estate and project finance expertise. The regulatory framework does not always meet the needs of new technologies, and changing regulations require constant vigilance from board members and legal counsel.

Our team of experts can:

  • Assist in complex licensing procedures
  • Assist on all aspects of dispute resolution including litigation risk assessment, advise on risk mitigation strategies and provide representation in all tiers of the judicial system as well as arbitration
  • Advise on regulatory frameworks for renewable energies
  • Advise on property law structuring, contracting and permitting with respect to sustainability-linked projects
  • Advise on project finance deals and corporate M&A transactions in the energy sector
  • Structure and negotiate transition projects in public-private partnerships
  • Advise on strategic issues that entail potential reputational risks
  • Advise on competition law aspects

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