Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to meet our clients' needs, contribute to their success and create an inspiring and challenging working environment for our employees. We embrace independence and integrity towards our clients, employees, stakeholders and society at large.

Taking responsibility for the effects of our activities from social, ecological and economic perspective, is a fundamental part of how we think and act. We are firmly rooted in society and actively contribute to the way it functions, based on our specific competences and our diversity, in a way that is true to our character. That same mission was of equal importance to one of our founders, Tobias Asser, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911.

Today, we are involved and support a wide range of activities, such as the Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation where we sit on the Board, and we are the exclusive legal advisers to the SI² fund, which invests in innovative, socially responsible companies. We set time aside to contribute to new legislation and regulations through consultation, and allow a relatively large number of academics in our ranks the space to fulfil those roles.

For years, we have been working on sustainability and raising awareness for it. For example, we were the first law firm in the greater Brussels metropolitan district to receive a two-star 'eco-label' for our office the Solaris. In the Netherlands, we moved in 2016 to BREEAM Excellent offices in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam; buildings that meet high environmental standards. Since 2010, our Luxembourg office has been attributed 'SuperDrecksKëscht fit Betriber - an acknowledged label for environmentally responsible waste management granted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Chambre des Métiers. Other examples of our commitment to sustainability include using self-tapped water in NautaDutilh bottles during meetings and recycled office supplies.

Child and Law
We are especially dedicated to playing an active role in society when it concerns children who have poor access to 'law'. One of the organisations we support in this light, is KidsRights, which promotes the wellbeing of vulnerable children across the world and advocates the realisation of their rights. We also support JINC, giving young people a better chance for the future, and teach children in underprivileged neighbourhoods the concept of ‘law’ at the IMC Weekend School.