Jean-François van Drooghenbroeck

Portrait of Jean-François
Jean-François van Drooghenbroeck is specialized in private and international judicial law, liability law, insurance law as well as contract law, including the aspects of international private law of forementioned disciplines.
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Graduated with "greatest distinction" (1994) and doctor of law at the Catholic University of Leuven (2003), Jean-François is since 2004 professor judicial law at the Faculty of Law of this university (of which he has been vice dean from 2006 to 2009) as well as at the Faculty of Law of Saint-Louis (Brussels). He lectures and does research in all matters relevant to Belgian and international procedural law. Given his competences in forementioned fields, he is regularly consulted as expert by the parliament, the government and other Belgian, foreign and international institutions. Jean-François is member of several national and international associations in the domain of judicial law and collaborates with an number of editors among which the Journal des Tribunaux of which he is vice secretary.

He is the author of multiple conventions, monographs and contributions, and laureate of multiple scientific prices.

Jean-François puts his expertise at the service of the litigation department of this office in all kinds of national and international, judicial and arbitral proceedings.

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