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Our Icons are the people, the cases and the events that shaped our firm. Although part of our history, they are certainly not a thing of the past. We encounter them every day.

They are in our DNA. They inform the way we think. The way we approach a new case. And the way we continue to grow.

By celebrating our icons, we celebrate a unified tour de force.

We explore the values held dear by our founders, Hemmo Nauta and Ian Dutilh. And reveal why a passion for growth is part of who we are. We revisit an archive of firsts that made legal history and defined our firm. And we unmask the story behind our iconic blue dot.

Nauta and Dutilh. A firm foundation.

Our history is the history of its people. Yet only two names live on in the firm's name: Nauta and Dutilh. One was driven by a passion for growth; the other by strong values. But who were they?

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Nauta and Dutilh

Joining the dots. Joining forces.

Today's NautaDutilh has evolved from a series of mergers. The latest was 30 years ago, when two major Dutch law firms joined forces. The result? The largest law firm in continental Europe and the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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Joining the dots

Iconic cases. A history of firsts.

A law firm is defined by its cases. The cases that stay with you long after the dust has settled. Whether that was the first time a listed company needed defence against an activist shareholder. The first collective settlements in the Netherlands. Or the largest acquisition in the life sciences industry in Belgium.

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Iconic cases.

Adaptive thinking. Ventures into uncharted territory.

The most successful businesses are those that are able to change with the times. By focusing on possibilities rather than risks. And being able to process new information in order to come up with innovative solutions.

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Adaptive thinking

The story of the dot. Simple yet powerful.

Although our firm has morphed and evolved over the years, the dot has remained throughout: a symbol of our precision and consistency, unity and joint focus. It all began with a letter…

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The story of the dot.

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As we celebrate our 295th anniversary, we would like to share our stories. So we devoted a special section of our website to the stories of our firm, past, present and future. Curious to know more? Read these stories here

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