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Strength comes in numbers. And by working together. Across borders, legal systems and expertises. 

We are unified in our drive to help our clients succeed. And in solving complex challenges through our passion for the law. 
Yet in these common goals, we are also very different. But it’s when we embrace those differences that we unlock a powerhouse of potential. 
We tell a tale of transatlantic teamwork which allows us to serve our clients 24/7. Pen an ode to our alumni and the vital role they play as ambassadors of our brand. Reveal how a casual conversation between a professor and a PhD student led them to update a 19th-century masterpiece. And share how we set a rainbow action in motion which created a beautiful butterfly effect across our industry.  

Human rights heroes. Supporting lawyers around the world.

If you would like to contribute to human rights, start from behind your desk. This is Joost Italianer's message to anyone who is considering contributing to this worthwhile cause. From 2004 to 2015, Joost was a board member of Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L), a foundation that supports lawyers around the world who are hindered in their work.

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Human rights heroes.

An Office in New York. A Bridge to Europe.

Why should a Benelux law firm have an office in New York? For NYC-based partners Elizabeth van Schilfgaarde and Jad Nader this question is a no-brainer: “Twenty percent of the firm's turnover originates in the United States. New York City is an ideal location for promoting the firm, and having an office here allows us to connect in person with our US clients.”

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An Office in New York.

Collective knowledge. Future-proofing a 19th-century masterpiece.

The ability to gather and share knowledge – between colleagues, areas of expertise and generations – is essential to a law firm's success. But just like the law, knowledge isn’t static: it changes and evolves over time. We reveal the part we are playing in updating the iconic Asser series.

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Collective knowledge.

ND Globe. Room to be yourself.

In addition to celebrating 295 years of NautaDutilh, we also celebrate five years of ND Globe, our internal LGBTQ+ network. Amongst its objectives is raising awareness of the importance of diversity in a traditionally conservative field.

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ND Globe.

Alumni. Our secret weapon.

No one values alumni like NautaDutilh. They have been part of our history for the past 295 years and will be part of our future. In fact, the entire firm benefits from our committed, engaged and active alumni community. We continuously learn from the diversity of their experiences, perspectives, personal lives and careers.

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