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No one values alumni like NautaDutilh. They have been part of our history for the past 295 years and will be part of our future. In fact, the entire firm benefits from our committed, engaged and active alumni community. We continuously learn from the diversity of their experiences, perspectives, personal lives and careers.

NautaDutilh’s global alumni network comprises some 1,500 members. Each left our firm for various reasons. To become in-house counsel. A judge. A freelancer. To start their own law firm. Or follow a completely different path.

Nicolette Kalsbeek, Alumni Coordinator at NautaDutilh, explains how the network is our secret weapon: “Our alumni are everywhere and of great value: some of them are even working for clients or prospective clients of NautaDutilh. They fulfil an important role in terms of business development and also contribute to strengthening our reputation in the market. Our alumni are some of our best ambassadors, in fact. They provide feedback about our services, acquire business information, strengthen relations with law students and universities, and enhance the NautaDutilh brand. They also serve as a valuable resource for recruitment, secondments and career opportunities. That’s why it’s important that when employees leave the firm, we follow their careers and keep in touch with them via our alumni programme.”

Roxane van Iperen
At NautaDutilh from 2001 to 2005
Currently Bestselling author and journalist

“I learnt a lot during my time at NautaDutilh. Analytical and writing skills, how to conduct research, and how to handle difficult clients and situations. It also taught me how to ignore group dynamics and choose my own path. All these lessons have proven to be helpful in my work to date.”

Frits Korthals Altes
At NautaDutilh from 1958 to 1982 and from 1990 to 1996
Currently Retired politician

“One major advantage, of course, is having broad legal knowledge. Additionally, both professions [lawyer and minister of justice] require a practical approach, decisiveness and an above-average ability to express oneself orally. Also, as a government minister, you have to be constantly on the lookout for any incidents that may arise. And when they do, you must be ready with a response. This requires flexibility, which is something you learn as a lawyer.”

Herman van Karnebeek
At NautaDutilh from 1991 to 1996
Currently Director of Kunsthal

“What I learnt at NautaDutilh was how to approach and analyse a problem. How to deal with stressful situations. And how to keep my emotions under control. Despite the fact that I haven’t picked up a legal code in 25 years, I'm still being asked for legal advice. 'You’re the expert,' people tell me. And the funny thing is, in the creative milieu where I've been active since leaving NautaDutilh, in many cases, I am in fact the person most familiar with the legal world.”

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