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Among our clients rank insurers, reinsurers, insurance brokers, trade associations, and (inter)national corporations. A selection of examples where our expertise has been of service.

    • Representing Dutch/British insurers in a case involving US asbestos claims exceeding 1 billion USD under a liability policy;
    • Successful defence conducted for BAT in the Netherlands’ first tobacco case;
    • Successful defence conducted for a cosmetics manufacturer in a case involving EUR 14 million claimed in damages on account of alleged product defects;
    • Assistance with various EU wide (silent) recalls in the area of product and food deficiency;
    • On behalf of fire insurers: advice in relation to the destruction by fire of Philips’ Semiconductors manufacturing plant in Caen (France) in December 2003;
    • On behalf of various leading insurance companies: advice on investment insurance products impacting several million consumers in the Netherlands;
    • Advice and legal representation in a dispute between insurers and reinsurers after the collapse of a salt mine in Retsof (US);
    • Advice on insurance issues after the May 2008 fire at the [Architecture] Faculty of the Technical University of  Delft, the Netherlands;
    • Advice to various brokers and insurers with respect to changes in the remuneration and distribution structure;
    • Advice on Credit finance insurance policies valued at more than EUR 1 billion;
    • On behalf of Dutch/British D&O insurers; handling policy claims lodged by unsecured creditors under the liquidation process of LyondellBasell Industries, Chapter 11.

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