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  • Dernière mise à jour: 26-03-2020

Soyez conscient du risque accru de défaut des débiteurs. Avec la propagation du virus, il existe un risque accru de difficultés financières entraînant un défaut de paiement ou des faillites potentielles, en particulier dans les secteurs plus vulnérables au virus tels que le transport maritime et aérien, le commerce de détail, le tourisme, les assurances et les loisirs.


  • Monitor the revenue and solvency risks of borrowers. Lenders should closely monitor via contractual reporting requirements the ability of their borrowers to perform their obligations and the impact this could have on the borrower's revenue and solvency risk.
  • Perform due diligence of the security packages for lending deals. Lenders should perform due diligence on their security packages for lending deals and make sure all security interests are properly perfected under relevant local laws and prepare a short-form summary of all guarantees and security interests in place and the available enforcement options.


  • Monitor cash flow. Borrowers should monitor the cash flow of their business on a regular basis in order to mitigate any financial difficulties and insolvency risks and plan any cure period they could benefit from under their existing financing arrangements.

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