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The Pensions sector team has extensive knowledge and expertise in relation to pensions across a range of disciplines. We advise broadly on developments in the pension sector in the area of ​​governance, duty of care and communication, supervision, outsourcing, mergers and liquidations.

We have the expertise to provide all relevant services in respect of ​​dealing with the regulator. Our litigation department has significant experience in dealing with disputes in the area of ​​duty of care, communication and the implementation of pension schemes.

We advise pension providers such as pension funds and pension insurers, as well as employers, PUOs and other institutions.

We have broad knowledge of the impact of the various components of the pension playing field. The many changes in the pension sector in the demographic, social and economic spheres, the renewal of the pension system and the increasing cost and associated regulatory burden, mean that the sector will continue to face major challenges in the coming years. With our broad knowledge and experience we offer a stable foundation for all your pension-related issues. With this we can bring stability and security and contribute to your future-oriented organisation.

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