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As a firm, we move with the times. We learn. We share. We adapt. And we pave the way for those who follow in our footsteps. However, we never teach a new generation what to think. Instead, we empower them to make up their own minds. And as we traverse the centuries, decades and years, we evolve with our clients in both established and emerging industries.

We share our passion for law with children from underprivileged backgrounds. Reveal how our London Calling programme kickstarts careers. Explain why soft law is sometimes the hardest. And describe how our financial expertise helps scaling fintechs get their legal ducks in a row. Plus we embrace fresh perspectives from colleagues on both sides of the Channel.

Fresh perspectives. New insights from three legal eagles.

Rebecca Runa Pinto-Noome in New York, Esmée Salomons in Amsterdam, and Pierre De Pauw in Brussels share fresh perspectives on networking, cross-departmental collaboration, and the client.

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Fresh perspectives.

Soft Controls. Sometimes harder.

Studying the wording and meaning of laws, regulations and case law forms an essential part of a lawyer's daily work. But what about soft law? Why is it crucial for solving our clients' business challenges and an essential aspect of sound legal advice? And why are soft controls sometimes the hardest?

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Soft Controls.

School on Sundays. Legal fun for kids.

Each year, over four Sundays, a group of children from underprivileged backgrounds take over NautaDutilh’s Rotterdam office. Volunteers from NautaDutilh are on hand to teach the eager 10 to 14-year-olds about law.

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School on Sundays.

Helping fintechs scale. A change in mindset.

Scaling in a heavily regulated industry, such as fintech, is not easy. You have both investors and regulators looking over your shoulder. Our youngest finance partners, Jasha Sprecher and Antonia Netiv, explain how they assist fintechs, why NautaDutilh is a frontrunner in this relatively new sector and why a firm with strong roots in the financial sector can help scaling fintechs.

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Helping fintechs scale.

London Calling. Kickstarting careers.

Each year, our London Calling programme offers one lucky candidate the chance to kickstart their career at our London office. What does the programme entail? How does the selection process work? And what's in it for you? We asked those involved.

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London Calling.

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