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  • 23-04-2020

In a webinar held on Wednesday, 15 April, NautaDutilh in cooperation with the NVP (Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) hosted a webinar on the measures available to get a handle on the crisis. 

The webinar dealt with the effects of the coronavirus crisis on private equity and venture capital portfolio companies. Gaike Dalenoord, Mauricette Schaufeli, Teun Struycken and Robert van Galen informed participants of the do’s and don’ts and latest developments. They discussed what companies should pay attention to now and in the future, including the (state aid) measures and schemes available to support companies facing difficulties. An online team consisting of Barbara Rumora Scheltema, Marc Orval, David Viëtor and Gijs van Nes was on standby to answer questions. The discussion topics included:

  • the Dutch state aid measures available to enhance cash liquidity for portfolio companies;
  • tips on how a portfolio company can enter into consensual discussions with its financiers; and
  •  the legal toolbox available to help preserve value during a restructuring.

Gaike Dalenoord: "In this way, the NVP and NautaDutilh wish to help private equity and venture capital players find the best way forward and navigate the present situation, which is difficult for everyone. The sector has emerged stronger from past crises by acting wisely and in time. By sharing our insights, we aim to help investors and portfolio companies get a grip on these exceptional circumstances.”

The webinar (in Dutch) can be viewed here.

NautaDutilh is committed to helping our clients navigate these difficult times by providing up-to-date information about the legal implications. We do so by posting articles, covering a wide range of topics, in the dedicated COVID-19 section on our website. In addition, NautaDutilh’s Private Equity team highlights relevant developments in the blog series ‘Rethinking Private Equity and Venture Capital’.  

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