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  • Laatst bijgewerkt: 18-03-2021

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has a serious impact on people's daily lives and business operations across the globe. Our COVID-19 policy focuses on measures to protect the health of your and our people as well as the continuity of your and our business.

This memo summarises NautaDutilh’s current COVID-19 policy that may be relevant to you, our clients and our partners, as it stands today. These are specific measures in addition to our existing contingency and business continuity plans. We may need to adjust our policy as the situation evolves.

We hope the below answers any questions you may have around our ability to continue with the provision of our services.

  • Currently, our people work from home, except that our offices are staffed with small teams to ensure performance of business critical support.
  • Our people have secure remote access to our systems (including client files). Very recently, we have successfully performed an additional live stress test of our remote access systems and processes.
  • Your contacts at NautaDutilh can be reached by e-mail and mobile phone. Desktop telephones are forwarded to mobile phones. Calls to our switchboards will be attended to.
  • Colleagues required to work at our offices for business continuity reasons work in small teams with alternating presence. They can only work from one of our offices in order to avoid cross-office infection and unnecessary travel.
  • Face-to-face meetings and business travel are strongly discouraged. Instead, our people are advised to set up conference calls or videoconferences. Face-to-face client events, including client training sessions, are not taking place. We offer virtual events, such as webinars and podcasts, for client training purposes.
  • In case a face-to-face meeting and/or working at our offices is deemed critical for business reasons, additional precautionary measures apply. These measures are communicated in advance to all participants. They include a maximum number of participants, screening of travel history, no participation in case of COVID-19 symptoms and observance of sanitary requirements as advised by the authorities.
  • As of 1 March, we have requested that all persons working at NautaDutilh stay at home in case of flu symptoms and/or symptoms of respiratory illness, such as fever, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, lung or respiratory problems or tightness of the chest, until fully recovered.
  • As 1 March, we have requested that all persons working at NautaDutilh work from home for two weeks after return from a high-risk area (as defined by the relevant authorities), even if they have no symptoms of illness.

NautaDutilh’s COVID-19 team continues to work closely with our Board. In our actions and decisions, we follow the guidance and information of the World Health Organization (WHO), the government and public health authorities and the Foreign Affair ministries in our jurisdictions.

The COVID-19 team informs our employees and partners via our intranet, and if required by e-mail and text message. There is a dedicated e-mail address for all COVID-19 related questions or suggestions from our people. An FAQ is updated on a daily basis.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. We take these precautionary steps, as part of the continued proactivity of our COVID-19 team, as we are committed to maintaining our business operations and to ensuring clients receive the highest quality service without disruption. Also for this purpose, we are developing various other scenarios in case we are required to take further measures.

Should you have any questions or suggestions with respect to NautaDutilh’s COVID-19 business continuity plan, please reach out to NautaDutilh’s COVID-19 team via covid19@nautadutilh.com. Of course, you can also speak to your usual contact at NautaDutilh.

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