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In the dynamic realm of innovation and technology, intellectual property (IP) has become a cornerstone of successful businesses.

As the digital transformation accelerates, so does the importance of safeguarding technological and creative advancements. IP goes beyond legal recognition; it is essential to sustaining competitive advantage and market leadership. Our Benelux IP team is dedicated to protecting your creative and technological investments. The team provides a range of services from litigation and enforcement to anti-counterfeiting measures, and managing complex transactional IP matters.

Benelux IP Team
As the IP landscape continues to evolve, crafting strategies that enhance IP protection and foster an environment where research and development can thrive is critical to business operations.
  • Our Benelux IP team

    The IP landscape is rapidly evolving into an increasingly international and intricate legal framework. With the launch of the Unified Patent Court last year and ongoing regulations and directives from the European Union, navigating this terrain can be challenging. Our Benelux IP team is here to guide you through the challenges and opportunities in this field. Whether you're grappling with patent, trademark or copyright disputes, anti-counterfeiting strategies or complex IP-related agreements, our seasoned experts can provide strategic guidance.

    Our experts have decades of experience in complex cross-border litigation, anti-counterfeiting enforcement, comprehensive transactional IP law and litigation before the EU institutions, including the Court of Justice of the European Union. The team is committed to protecting the value of its client’s creative and technological investments. The team provides comprehensive support in both contentious and IP matters and has an impressive track record in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to luxury fashion and fast-moving consumer goods. Our professionals are well-versed in the nuances that define successful IP strategies. We focus on delivering results - whether that involves litigating patent infringements cases or drafting bespoke agreements for complex licensing deals.

  • Benelux roots, global reach

    As the leading independent full-service law firm rooted in the Benelux region, we offer specialised advice that resonates with local legislative nuances while addressing global challenges. Our deep involvement in both national and EU law equips our team with the insight to represent clients effectively before both Benelux courts and European institutions. Outside of the Benelux, the team works with top-tier law firms in all the major jurisdictions to ensure a seamless delivery of solutions in cross-border matters.

  • Mastering disputes and transactions: focused IP expertise

    We tailor our approach to meet the exacting demands of enforcing IP rights and managing intricate transactions. Our expertise spans various forums, including national courts and the European Union institutions. On the transactional side, the team’s expertise extends through all stages of deal-making involving IP assets: drafting sophisticated licensing agreements, negotiating complex research and development agreements, advising on due diligence in mergers & acquisitions involving IP assets, and structuring settlements that preserve business interests while resolving disputes.

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