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  • 01-10-2015

Yesterday, Arief van Rhee was named 'Career Coach of the Year 2015' during the JINC Amsterdam Award Show.

Arief was chosen because of his great effort in coaching VMBO students to help them to choose a career direction and necessary further schooling.

One of his pupils, Brigitte, pleads in a touching video why she thinks Arief should win the award: "Meneer Arief is the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life". It led to a great result: more than 120 representatives of the schools, companies and volunteers have voted 6 winners in 6 categories, including our colleague Arief.

We are very proud to have this JINC Awards winner in our midst. We would like to thank Arief for his great work for JINC and congratulate him on this Award.

About JINC
NautaDutilh is a partner of JINC Amsterdam and JINC Rotterdam. JINC gives young people from 8 to 16 years of age the opportunity to experience what the labour market has to offer and what skills one needs for specific jobs. The goal is to enable them to make the right choice in terms of study, to reduce the likelihood of students dropping out and to offer them better prospects for work.

See also an article on JINC.nl 'U bent gewoon onze tweede moeder' (available in Dutch).

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