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The story of NautaDutilh is the story of many stories.

Stories of iconic cases that made legal history. Stories of mastery that go beyond the realm of law. Stories of individuals. Stories of the collective. And stories for generations to come.

By sharing our stories, we celebrate our legacy. A legacy that inspires our future.

NautaDutilh embraces the art of adaptive thinking. This combination of mental agility, flexibility and creativity is all about learning how to think instead of being taught what to think.

For almost 300 years, adaptive thinking has been our weapon of choice. It has helped us stay sharp, agile and relevant for our clients. And in turn, helped our clients stay sharp, agile and relevant.

Legal Mastery.

Legal mastery doesn’t happen overnight. It is something we have crafted and honed across four centuries.

Our extensive legal knowledge has allowed us to shape legislation and case law worldwide and inspire new generations of lawyers, evolving with the times to tackle the complex challenges of today.

NautaDutilh. 295 years of adaptive thinking.

Legal Mastery
Legal Mastry

Our icons.

Our Icons are the people, the cases and the events that shaped our firm. Although part of our history, they are certainly not a thing of the past. We encounter them every day.

They inform the way we think, the way we approach a new case. And the way we continue to grow.

By celebrating our icons, we celebrate a unified tour de force.

NautaDutilh. 295 years of adaptive thinking.

Our icons
Our icons

Curious to know more?

Still to come are stories about how we embrace the power of the collective, and are building a legacy for the next generation. We will keep you posted. If someone forwarded this to you, you can subscribe here. And we will send you a newsletter every time we publish a new storyline.

Curious to know more?

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