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  • 20-05-2020

The first edition of Dirk Van Gerven's manual on Belgian company law, Handboek Vennootschappen, Algemeen Deel, was published four years ago. A second edition, updated to reflect the changes introduced by the new Code of Companies and Associations which entered into force on 1 May 2019, will be published at the end of May. 

This comprehensive manual covers, amongst other subjects, incorporation requirements, partnerships without legal personality and the general rules applicable to companies with legal personality, from incorporation to winding-up and liquidation. It also focuses on the rules applicable to foreign companies doing business in Belgium, shares and other securities governed by Belgian law, corporate groups, mergers, divisions and conversions, and the cross-border transfer of a company's registered office. 

This work strives to distinguish itself from the vast literature on company law by examining the subject from a different perspective and providing original insight into the current situation. 

The manual is published by Larcier and can be pre-ordered here

A second part will be released at a later date and will focus on each corporate form in more detail.

Dirk publishes frequently on selected topics of corporate and financial law. His numerous publications have resulted in invitations to address both national and international meetings. He is the editor of several books published by Cambridge University Press, on the European Company (SE), the Prospectus Directive, the Takeover Directive, the Cross-border Merger Directive, the Capital Directive and Professional Secrecy.

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