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Liability suits or disciplinary actions have a mayor impact. We therefore do everything in our power to support accountants and tax specialists who are confronted with such claims. Needless to say, this involves preparing the best possible defence strategy.

From previous cases, we are familiar with the litigation strategy of professional repeat players such as the Dutch Association of Stockholders (the 'VEB') and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the 'AFM'). We also have good professional contacts with law firms acting on the side of claimants. This means that in disciplinary and liability cases, we are not only able to present a thorough defence but also to look for out-of-court solutions.

Our accountancy team regularly litigates in disciplinary cases before the Disciplinary Board of Accountants (the 'Accountantskamer' and, in appeal, the 'CBb') and the Disciplinary Board of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (the 'NOB'). Several lawyers in our accountancy team have experience with other professions that face the risk of disciplinary actions, which allows the team to see the bigger picture. It goes without saying that in civil disputes we also assist accountants and tax specialists up to the Dutch Supreme Court. 

We believe that a team that combines extensive experience in the field of liability, accounting and corporate law with knowledge of professional codes of conduct makes all the difference in civil liability cases and disciplinary disputes.


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