Specialists with knowledge of professional liability, disciplinary law, regulatory legislation, tax, criminal law, anti-money laundering and corporate investigations.

As one of the few full-service law firms in the Netherlands, NautaDutilh has a team that specialises in the accountancy practice. Our team consists of specialists with knowledge of professional liability, disciplinary law (professional rules), regulatory legislation, tax, criminal law, anti-money laundering and corporate investigations.

NautaDutilh's accountancy team is uniquely capable to offer a multidisciplinary approach. The expertise built up over the years makes NautaDutilh a trusted advisor and discussion partner that has been assisting leading accountants and tax specialists of the Big Four and Middle Five firms for a long period of time.

The accountancy team is a thought leader in the field of accountancy. Members share their knowledge and explain relevant developments in online and other accountancy seminars on a recurring basis. They regularly publish in professional journals, and express their views on legislative proposals.

The team specialises in

  • Anti-money laundering and sanctions

    In recent years, the requirements of anti-money laundering regulators have become much stricter. Professional service firms such as accountants are gatekeepers, and if they fail to meet their legal obligations, this can result in drastic action by the public authorities, significant damage to the public image and considerable financial impact.

    NautaDutilh's AML & Sanctions team advises on a daily basis on how to comply with the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (the 'Wwft') and Dutch and EU sanctions regulations.
    Our services see on a correct performance of client due diligence reviews (CDD/KYC), investigations into and reporting of unusual transactions, and reviews of Wwft and sanctions policies. If a firm is faced with an investigation by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the 'AFM') or the Financial Supervision Office (the 'BFT') for alleged failure to comply with the Wwft or sanctions regulations, our team is available to help you manage the investigation and minimise the repercussions risk.

    More information about our AML & Sanctions team can be found here.

  • Corporate crime & Corporate investigations

    Alleged irregularities can have far-reaching consequences. NautaDutilh's Corporate Crime & Corporate Investigations practice group is available in such scenarios.

    As one of the largest corporate crime practice groups in the Netherlands, our lawyers provide immediate assistance during dawn raids, are available during interrogation of potential witnesses, and represent companies in legal proceedings up to the Dutch Supreme Court. In more complex cases, we also carry out shadow investigation. At NautaDutilh, we also have extensive experience in conducting complex settlement negotiations with authorities in multiple jurisdictions.

    More information about our Corporate crime & Corporate investigations team can be found here.

  • Professional liability and Disciplinary law

    Liability suits or disciplinary actions have a mayor impact. We therefore do everything in our power to support accountants and tax specialists who are confronted with such claims. Needless to say, this involves preparing the best possible defence strategy.

    From previous cases, we are familiar with the litigation strategy of professional repeat players such as the Dutch Association of Stockholders (the 'VEB') and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the 'AFM'). We also have good professional contacts with law firms acting on the side of claimants. This means that in disciplinary and liability cases, we are not only able to present a thorough defence but also to look for out-of-court solutions.

    Our accountancy team regularly litigates in disciplinary cases before the Disciplinary Board of Accountants (the 'Accountantskamer' and, in appeal, the 'CBb') and the Disciplinary Board of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (the 'NOB'). Several lawyers in our accountancy team have experience with other professions that face the risk of disciplinary actions, which allows the team to see the bigger picture. It goes without saying that in civil disputes we also assist accountants and tax specialists up to the Dutch Supreme Court.

    We believe that a team that combines extensive experience in the field of liability, accounting and corporate law with knowledge of professional codes of conduct makes all the difference in civil liability cases and disciplinary disputes.

  • Regulatory

    As the leading financial law firm in the Netherlands, we assist our accountancy firms whenever the regulator reaches out. We give guidance with respect to the legal framework, supervise applications, notifications, review procedures and other contacts with the regulator, advise on the use of regulatory instruments and investigations, and provide judicial and extrajudicial assistance in enforcement procedures.

    In addition to our legal analysis, we also provide specific advice on the follow-up steps should certain issues be identified. Whenever necessary, we reach out to regulators such as The Dutch Central Bank ('DNB'), the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets ('ACM'), the Dutch Data Protection Authority (the 'AP') and the Financial Supervision Office ('BFT'). Our broad experience allows us to assist in administrative law subjects such as requests relating to the Dutch Government Information Public Access Act ('Wob') and the Dutch Open Government Act ('Woo').

  • Tax

    Our team of tax lawyers assists accountants and tax specialists as soon as a tax component is involved.

    Members of the team provide a valuable contribution in cases where clients of accountants or tax specialists face a tax dispute with the Dutch Tax and Customs Authorities (de 'Belastingdienst') or tax-related criminal prosecution. Our tax lawyers have extensive litigation experience and are thus fully able to defend tax specialists in disciplinary cases.

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